Debbie, KJ6BSL, working 20 meters at the GOTA rig.

KI6VC demonstrates CW ops for Dave, KK6THQ and Ron, KK6NDA. Thanks to WB6DCO for the shirts!!!

​W2CWI helps Cal City Mayor Jennifer Wood get on the air.

​Joe, WB6DCO, brought the club antenna.

Field Day Chairman Steve, KC2RKK, and his son Ken did a great job getting the Friday Pot Luck together!

Ron, KK6VZI, works GOTA contacts with Jackie, KK6TFM, and KJ7A.

Field Day 2016 

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CCARC Field Day 

June 24, 25, 26 2016                 

Will, KB6TJE, brought the tower.

​The GOTA Station.

Last year we scored first place among the five 2A entries in the ARRL's San Joaquin Valley Section! 

Joe, WB6DCO, Mac, KK6BQJ, and John, W2CWI, working 20 meters.

W2CWI and KK6TFM trying to work satellite SO50


Field Day Chairman Steve, KC2RKK, provided the RV for the GOTA station.

​The tarps kept the food from being blown away.

Vic, KI6VC, worked 40 meter CW.

​Jared, K7JSP, taking a turn on 20 meters with his solar/battery rig.

KC2RKK and KK6BQJ with K6SEQ's solar/battery rig.

​KJ6BSL with April, N6AQT, and Jim, KJ7A, who provided the GOTA station

​And we were fortunate enough that the immense smoke plume from the Erskin Fire passed just to the east of California City!

​Joe, WB6DCO, setting up another antenna in the "farm".