​Friday pot luck, always good!

Lifelong Ham ​WB6DCO

KI6VC and AF6IV on K6SEQ's solar / battery powered rig

                  ​K6ZZ, N6AQT, K6ZED & KJ6BSL                                               K6ZED, N6AQT, KJ6BSL & KK6TFM: The 15 meter crew!

​N6WZZ and K6ZZ operating with K6JCW's TS-2000

To submit photos of interest to club members, email them to:   info@KE6RN.com


​KE6RN Field Day 2014

KJ7A logging, KI6LIM teaching the ropes to his grandson.            Cal City Mayor Jennifer Wood and her granddaughter Kacidy.

KE6RN's Field Day QTH 

KE6RN Field Day 2015

​Friday Pot Luck is the best!

K6ZZ/K6ZED's and KI6VC's rigs 

K6ZZ and K6ZED operating with KI6VC's generator power

WB6DCO's rig with NL7SX and K6JCW visiting

K6ZZ, W2CWI and KI6VC operating on generator power

Club Member Ham Shacks

KE6RN's 1st. Field Day, 2013

New Ham K7JSP