​Owned by the NASA JPL ARC. This repeater is used by several organizations including, Wrightwood ECS on Sundays starting at 6 PM and the San Bernardino County ECS, North Desert Section on Mondays starting at 7:30 PM. The daily Grub Grabbers net begins at 7 AM (this is fun and open to all).           ​Website:  http// jplarc.ampr.org

​El Paso   147.975 (-) 100.0

​Breckenridge   145.150 (-) 100.0

Breckenridge east of Bakersfield can be hit from Cal City depending where you are in town. It is quite active and operated by the Kern County-Central Valley Amateur Radio Club of Bakersfield.

Website:  w6lie.org

Bird Springs   146.085 (+) 141.3

Located on the ridge south of Walker Pass, this repeater can be accessed from Cal City, the entire Indian Wells Valley and Lake Isabella (currently Lake Isapuddle). It doesn't get much use though.

​Keller Pk.   146.385 (+) 146.2

Keller Peak is located in the San Bernardino Mountains near Running Springs and covers a huge area. It is operated by the Keller Peak Repeater Association and is quite active with many nets.

​Website:  www.kpra.net

​Table Mountain   145.280 (-) 131.8

​Hauser Pk.   146.730 (-) 100.0

Located above Palmdale this repeater is operated by the Antelope Valley Amateur Radio Club and gets a lot of use. Their club net is on Wednesdays at 8 PM.

​Website:  www.avarc.club

Randsburg  (Govt. Pk.)   145.340 (-) 100.0

Operated by the Sierra Amateur Radio Club in Ridgecrest. We use this repeater by permission for our club nets and although it covers a wide area it just doesn't get enough use.

Website:  www.qsl.net/wa6ybn/

​This list of 2 meter repeaters accessible from California City is primarily designed for new or visiting Hams who just want to get on the air with a handheld or mobile radio. And there are a Lot More repeaters out there! Click on the links at the bottom of the page to find more.


The El Paso Mountains run between Cal City and the Indian Wells Valley and this repeater sits slightly over the crest at the eastern end. A good antenna is required to get in. The El Paso repeater is part of the Win System which is connected through the internet to about 90 other repeaters all over California, most states and several other countries around the world. 

​Website:  www.winsystem.org

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